Advanced Electrical Solutions Advanced Electrical Solutions

Miami International Airport

In late 2007, Advanced Electrical Solutions, Inc. commenced on Phase I of Miami International Airport's multi-million dollar lighting retrofit and energy conservation project. The magnitude of this scope includes lighting retrofit, replacement, and lighting controls in Terminals E through H, Concourses A, E-H, Satellite E, Dolphin & Flamingo Parking Garages, Short-term Parking Garage, the Tower Administrative Offices, the Upper & Lower Drives, and the Skywalks and Connectors.

The first release of Phase I was completed on time and AES is currently ahead of schedule to complete the second release of Phase I with the third and final release of Phase I to be started mid-2009. The data collection, energy savings analysis and pricing has already been completed for Phase II which encompasses those remaining areas not included in the first phase such as the airside operations offices, mechanical shops, baggage make-up areas, and customs and immigrations areas that require a US Customs seal.

Advanced Electrical Solution's ability to staff the job with key project managers, experienced electricians, and dedicated support personnel allows for a smooth running project with little or no facility interruption.